Chart Rules

Here are some of the simple steps used to analyse the market:

Monthly Chart

  1. Start with a Monthly chart to identify the larger trends and identify key swing points
  2. Swing points are marked with a horizontal red lines

Weekly Chart

  1. Start with the weekly chart and use it to confirm the monthly trend
  2. Identify the weekly swing points – this will be marked in green lines

Daily Chart

  1. Drill into the daily chart to better help understand potential risk / reward and create a bias
  2. Identify the key weekly and monthly swing points
  3. Marked daily swing points with blue lines
  4. Use Fibo retracement levels and understand the current wave using Elliot Wave Theory

4 hour Chart

  1. Place entry / exit and stops

TheBullionTimes – Transformation Takes Time

Going forward, will produce the following reports only.

Daily Digest is a short and concise summary of what we are looking at as an overall pictures.

Trading Ideas may appear from there – depending on various inter-market analysis and if the risk reward permits, we will produce Trading Setups with entry, stop and exit.

The follow up to Trading Setups is a Trading Review – managing the trade on a daily basis as a form of update.

Upon completion of the trade, we will add this accordingly to the Trading Results.

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Trade Idea Update

An up to date look at the gyration in prices and exploring potential setups. Please take note this is not a recommendation or trading service. Detailed setup available for specific clientele.

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Dollar Index





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