Dollar Bleeds – Safe Haven Trade Relentless

commodities bear market

An up to date look at the gyration in prices and exploring potential setups. Please take note this is not a recommendation or trading service. Detailed setup available for specific clientele.

  • Amid overstretched longs in ETF and Speculative longs, prices continue to track higher
  • Fundamental picture have shifted but recent price reaction seems to have exaggerated
  •  Equity roared higher – failed DOHA talk proved feeble compared to Kuwait strike
  • Dollar index are having the worse trading start
  • VIX index pummeled as everything is a lot rosier despite poor earning seasons

Dollar Index – Daily

USD/JPY – Daily

GBP/USD – Daily

EUR/USD – Daily

AUS/USD – Daily

NZD/USD – Daily

USD/CAD – Daily


SPX – Daily

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STOXX – Daily

DAX – Daily

VIX – Daily


Platinum – Daily

Copper – Daily

Oil – Daily

Silver – Daily

Gold/Silver Ratio


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