Is Gold Becoming The Next TINA?

An up to date look at the gyration in prices and exploring potential setups. Please take note this is not a recommendation or trading service. Detailed setup available for specific clientele.

take profit

TINA – There Is No Alternative – the abbreviation that is still used to describe how investors were piling in to an assets due to the lack of yield opportunities elsewhere and alternative for them to park their cash/wealth.

  • This week its going to be all about the dollar, yen and oil prices
  • Equity market continues to play ping pong depending on news from Fed speakers
  • Political uncertainty across France, Italy and Greece shoring up again albeit under control
  • China economic data showing some encouraging numbers but all of there are not organic growth
  • Earning seasons but buybacks are at the highest – where are real earnings?
  • Strong Yen could implicate earnings on Japanese exporting companies in the near future
  • VIX rollover next week


Dollar Index – Daily

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AUS/USD – Daily

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USD/CAD – Daily



SPX – Daily

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CAC40 – Daily

STOXX – Daily

VIX – Daily


Platinum – Daily

Copper – Daily

Oil – Daily


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