Pre-Opex Foundation

  • Latest Eurozone inflation reading makes the case of additional QE in the next few months from the ECB
  • Chinese government tried to reduce the pressure with more stimulus
  • Chinese Yuan devaluation is sending a strong message that economic growth in the next few months should be supported
  • As 2016 kicks off – China is off to the races to support a 6% economic growth
  • Geo-Political instability in the Middle East and Oil prices could add more market volatility
  • Global equity market is suffering “post-Christmas trading hangover”
  • Low volume may have over exaggerated price action as traders look to resume in full flow on 11th January
  • BOJ ready to act again? Need to do more to stem the current Yen strength (could be seasonality)
  • This week NFP data may well justify current USD strength
  •  The VIX fear index remain elevated – safe haven trade favour more upside
  • This week sets off with risk off sentiment and we cannot rule out another test lower on global equities

Just showcasing some charts which is of interest:

Dollar Index Daily



Bunds Daily

Copper Weekly


Silver Daily



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